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Benning CM 9-1 (044682)

Benning CM 9-1 (044682)

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TRUE RMS Leakage Current Clamp Meter with a resolution of 1 μA in the 6 mA measuring range and multimeter functions

Error-related leakage currents are caused by weak insulation or insulation damages. The BENNING CM 9-2 allows quick and precise localization of all error types. By means of preventive measurements, possible damages due to uncontrolled leakage currents can be avoided in advance.

  • measurement of leakage currents and differential currents in electrical systems (VDE 0100/0105), devices (VDE 0701-0702) and machines (EN 60204-1/ VDE 0113-1)
  • DIN EN 61557-13 defines requirements for “current clamps for measuring leakage currents in electrical installations”, e. g. protection against external magnetic fields: class 2, magnetic field ≤ 30 A/m; frequency range: min. 40 Hz to 3rd harmonic of the mains frequency (150 Hz), recommended use: railway (as of 15 Hz), industry (up to 1 kHz)
  • DIN EN 61557-16 (requirements for appliance testers) defines filters with fg = 1 kHz for measuring protective conductor currents IPE in electrical and medical electrical devices
  • precise due to TRUE RMS measuring method
  • reliable and easy detection of insulation faults (e.g. defective cables, loose terminals, contamination, moisture)
  • measurement without switch-off during normal operation of the system/ device
  • ideal for preventive maintenance and fault localization (protection against damages and personal injury, blackouts etc.)
  • precise and reproducible measuring results up to 60 A
  • universally applicable for current measurements (60 A), voltage measurements (600 V), resistance measurements (600 kΩ) and continuity tests
  • low-pass filter (40 Hz - 70 Hz) for rejection of high frequency interference signals
  • memory of measured value (HOLD) and peak value storage
  • incl. carrying case, measuring leads and batteries


CM 9-1

indicating range

6,000 (illuminated)

basic accuracy

1 %

AC voltage

10 mV - 600 V

DC voltage

10 mV - 600 V

AC current

1 μA - 60 A

DC current



0,1 Ω - 600 kΩ

continuity/ diode

yes / -





power factor (cos φ)






filter function

device (1 kHz), low-pass filter

(40 Hz - 70 Hz)

memory /
data log


measuring method


max. clamp opening

23 mm

measuring category

CAT IV 300 V, CAT III 600 V

item no.


CM 9-1


Benning Katalog




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