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Benning DB 1 Demonstration Case (044132)
Benning DB 1 Demonstration Case (044132) Benning DB 1 Demonstration Case (044132)

Benning DB 1 Demonstration Case (044132)

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Demonstration Case for Testing and Measuring Primary Quantities of Electrical Engineering

  • particularly suited for teaching and education purposes, training courses and product presentations
  • practice-oriented application of voltage testers / continuity testers, digital multimeters, current clamps and RCD testers
  • protected voltage steps of 24 V, 50 V, 120 V, 230 V, 400 V, 690 V AC and 24 V DC by means of isolating transformer
  • lamp circuit with ON / OFF switch and current loop for non-contact current measurement (A) by means of a current measuring clamp
  • test possibility for polarity, diode and single-pole phase testing
  • measuring on resistors and capacitors
  • simulation of a reactive voltage (induced voltage) for indication by means of digital multimeter (high-impedance) and suppression by DUSPOL® voltage tester with load connection (low-impedance)
  • shock-proof socket with 30 mA RCD safety switch for demonstration of the DUSPOL® voltage testers with load connection (RCD release) and of RCD testers
  • rugged and dust-proof housing type




power supply

230 V, 50 / 60 Hz mains connection

dimensions / weight

405 x 330 x 160 mm, approx. 5 kg

scope of delivery

case with mains connection cable

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