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Benning DB 2 Demonstration Case (044133)
Benning DB 2 Demonstration Case (044133) Benning DB 2 Demonstration Case (044133)

Benning DB 2 Demonstration Case (044133)

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Demonstration Case for Practice-oriented Application and Training Concerning VDE 0100 Installation Testers

  • portable case for simulation of electrical systems conforming to standards according to DIN VDE 0100
  • realistic presentation of a low-voltage installation of a single- family house (TN / TT system)
  • real components such as RCD safety switches, shock-proof socket, ON / OFF switch with lamp and current measuring loop of a hot-water tank
  • simulated components with connecting terminals for equipotential busbar, ground connection, water conduits and lightning arrester
  • fault simulation can be set by means of 5 toggle switches
  • measurement of protective conductor resistance (RPE), insulating resistance (RISO), loop impedance (ZL-PE) and line impedance (ZL-N)
  • 30 mA RCD safety switch for measuring release time, release current and contact voltag
  • different measuring methods can be used for earthing measurement (two- / three- / four-wire measuring method and without any earth rods by means of a current clamp)
  • shock-proof socket for voltage and frequency measurement as well as single-pole testing of the external conductor (phase)
  • rugged and dust-proof housing type




power supply

230 V, 50 / 60 Hz mains connection

dimensions / weight

405 x 330 x 110 mm, approx. 3.5 kg

scope of delivery

case with mains connection cable

item no.


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Benning DB
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