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DKD / DAkkS Calibration for...

DKD / DAkkS Calibration for...

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Please select your instrument to be calibrated in the bottom option field, place it in the shopping cart, go to the cash register and make the payment. Then send the device to us.
We take care of the calibration and then send it back to your specified delivery address. Please note a delivery time of approx. 8-12 working days.


In contrast to the proprietary calibration, the actual test equipment / manufacturer tolerances are not checked during the DKD calibration.

In the DKD calibration, the use of a test equipment is given priority, d. H. that for most tests there is actually no fixed requirement for the scope of testing.
The scope of testing and the resulting calibration price of a device depends on the actual application.

Companies that are accredited according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025, must agree the offer and the scope of testing in writing with the customer.

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