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Benning CM 5-1 (044066)
Benning CM 5-1 (044066)

Benning CM 5-1 (044066)

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Digital Current-Clamp Multimeter with AUTOTEST Function

  • automatic selection of the correct measuring function for TRUE RMS voltage/current (AC / DC), resistance, continuity and diode test
  • safe and easy operation – measuring errors due to incorrect measuring range selection are excluded
  • short response time due to 5 scanning values per second
  • voltage measurement with low input impedance (LoZ) to suppress capacitively/inductively induced voltages
  • multi functional and powerful by TRUE RMS measuring method for industrial applications
  • secure current measurements up to 600 A AC / DC
  • highest measurement method CAT IV 600 V allows measurements directly at the source of low voltage installation
  • LC display and background light
  • compact protective case included

Industrial environments requires TRUE RMS measuring instruments!

Non-linear loads arising e.g. from motor drives with adjustable speed, frequency converters or mains supply units for office equipment and LED lamps generate a reactive power in the mains. As a result, multimeters and current clamps working with the so-called averaging measuring method ("RMS") will display the measured values with reduced accuracy.
In many cases and particularly in industrial environments, it is therefore absolutely necessary to use state-of-the-art "TRUE RMS" measuring instruments. The "TRUE RMS" measuring method indicates the actual effective value of an alternating current correctly – irrespective of whether the signal waveform of the current is sinusoidal or distorted.



CM 5-1

indicating range


basic accuracy

0,9 %

AC voltage

1.3 V - 750 V

DC voltage

0.7 V - 1.000 V

AC current

0.9 A - 600 A

DC current

0.9 A - 600 A


1 Ω - 10 kΩ

continuity / diode

Ja / Ja





measuring method


max. clamp opening

35 mm

measuring category

CAT IV 600 V

item no.


CM 5-1


Benning Katalog




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