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Benning Socket tester SDT 1 (020053)
Benning Socket tester SDT 1 (020053) Benning Socket tester SDT 1 (020053) Benning Socket tester SDT 1 (020053)

Benning Socket tester SDT 1 (020053)

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Socket tester with contact sensor for active PE error detection and for testing the tripping function of a 30 mA RCD


Quick and easy testing of shock-proof sockets, cable reels and extension cables for correct connection. Wiring errors and inadmissibly high contact voltages at the PE connection are indicated directly. In addition, it is possible to test the tripping function of a 30 mA RCD by pressing the FI/RCD TEST key.


Testing functions:

  • Indication of correct wiring via LEDs.
  • Wiring errors such as missing PE, N and L conductors as well as an inversion of the L and PE conductors are clearly indicated via three LEDs.
  • An active PE test by means of a contact electrode and via the LC display warns of a dangerous contact voltage (> 50 V) being applied to the PE connection.
  • FI/RCD TEST key for testing the tripping function of 30 mA RCDs.


  • Safe and easy operation by trained personnel
  • An easily understandable status table provides information about the correct connection (OK, green) and the type of existing errors (red) at the shock-proof socket.


Benning SDT 1


visually by means of three red signal LEDs for N, PE, L conductor and LC display with “warning symbol”

voltage range

230 V AC, ± 10%

frequency range

50 Hz - 60 Hz

PE test response threshold

UB < 50 V AC to earth

RCD testing current

IΔN approx. 30 mA

power supply

via test object (no batteries required)

measuring category

CAT II 300 V


DIN EN 61010-1, DIN EN 61010-2-033

appliance dimensions

80 x 72 x 78 mm (L x B x H)


70 g

item no.




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