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ST 755 Set RFID EN
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Loaner: Benning ST 725 (050316)

Loaner: Benning ST 725 (050316)

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 67,26 EUR Netto* 57,98 EUR
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Mains-operated and Battery-operated Appliance Tester for Mobile Testing of Electrical Devices

  • mobile – network-independent testing due to battery operation
  • easy – operation by means of push-buttons
  • quick – testing within a few seconds
  • all-in-one – protective conductor current measurement by means of differential current or alternative leakage current measurement method

Testing of devices with mains voltage-dependent switching elements / mains supply units / relays such as controlled devices / tools, devices of information and communication technology as well as of devices which can be tested completely with mains voltage only.
In mains operating mode, the protective conductor current/ contact current is measured by means of the required differential current / direct measurement method.


New product features

  • storage locations for 999 test samples
  • 3 hot keys for storing, calling and printing the measured values
  • mini-USB interface and download software for the preparation of test certificates in MS Excel®
  • direct printing function for printing test certificates on site by means of optional printer BENNING PT 1 (044150)
  • prolonged functional test and differential current measurement (max. 2 x 5 minutes)
  • integrated real-time clock for storing the measured values including the test date


  • automatic testing procedure for devices of class I (key 1), class II/III (key 2) and line test (key 1)
  • testing of cable reels, multiple distributors and device connecting cables with IEC connector
  • measuring result with "PASS / FAIL" indication
  • limiting values preset
  • mains operating mode for tests under operating conditions
  • battery operating mode for mobile testing
  • reduction of the ISO testing voltage for devices with overvoltage arresters
  • indication of correct function key in case of incorrect operation, overload and if the test sample is not switched on
  • sufficient battery capacity for more than 2,500 test samples

Measuring functions:

  • protective conductor resistance with a pulsed testing current of ≥ 200 mA (required in case of oxidized contacts)
  • insulating resistance with a testing voltage of 250 V or 500 V)
  • mains operating mode: protective conductor current/contact current by means of differential current/direct measurement method with automatic mains pole reversal
  • battery operating mode: protective conductor current/contact current by means of alternative leakage current measurement method
  • active testing of three-phase devices under operating conditions by means of optional measuring adapters (item no. 044140 / 044141)
  • testing of permanently installed and portable 30 mA RCDs / PRCDs with tripping time measurement
  • voltage measurement on external shock-proof socket







graphic display

protective conductor resistance

0.05 Ω - 20 Ω

testing current

± 200 mADC

insulation resistance

0.1 MΩ - 20 MΩ

testing voltage

250 V / 500 VDC

protective conductor current/ contact current by means of


-differential current measurement

0.1 mA - 20 mA

-alternative leakage current measurement

0.1 mA - 20 mA

-direct measurement

0.1 mA - 20 mA

RCD testing current

30mA – 150 mA (5-fold)

tripping time

10 ms – 500 ms

protective conductor current of three-phase
test objects under operating conditions (optional)

0.25 mA – 10 mA

line test

RPE, RISO, short-circuit test and continuity, test of phase conductor (L) and neutral conductor (N)

voltage measurement on external shock-proof socket

50 V - 270 V (L-N, L-PE, N-PE)


mini USB for PC, serial PS/2 for printer BENNING PT 1

scope of delivery

carrying case, test cable with alligator clip, mains connection cable, appliance cable, download software (CD), USB cable, battery set

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