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Loaner: Benning ST 755 (050322)

Loaner: Benning ST 755 (050322)

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 150,00 EUR Netto* 126,05 EUR
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Appliance Tester for testing of electrical and medical electrical devices, PRCDs


Testing in compliance with DGUV V3, BetrSichV according to

  • DIN VDE 0701-0702:2008 for electrical appliances (ÖVE/ÖNORM E 8701, NEV, NEN 3140)
  • IEC/EN 62353 for medical electrical devices (VDE 0751-1:2015, ÖVE/ÖNORM E 8751-1)

Highlights of the new Appliance Testers

  • PRCD testing - mobile personal protection: Complete and automatic testing of 2-pin and 3-pin PRCDs
  • RCD test - mobile subdistributions or construction site distributions: The testing of RCDs of types AC, A, F, B, B+ offers new options for application.
  • Enhanced and customer-specific visual inspection: Besides the standard visual inspection (2 points), it is possible to create an enhanced (18 points) and a customer-specific (unlimited) visual inspection with individual requests.
  • WLAN, RJ45 (LAN), USB, Bluetooth®, SD card slot - modern interfaces: The integration of the appliance tester into a network and modern interfaces allow automatic updates and form the basis for integrating further functions and applications.
  • Touch-Screen - modern user interface: Touch gestures (dragging, swiping, tapping) are supported. Texts are entered via a softkey pad (QWERTZ). Icons stand for the different functions.
  • Suitable for IT systems - testing in earthing: Generally, appliance testers require an earthed TN/TT system for mains voltage supply. By enabling the “On/Off slider”, the new appliance testers can be used in an unearthed IT system.

Further features

  • management of customers and equipment in databases with unambiguous ID no.
  • creation and assignment of individual test procedures and intervals (risk assessment)
  • low operating costs, free updates via WLAN, LAN, USB
  • measuring result with “pass / fail” indication and acoustic warning signal, if the test has been failed
  • portable log printer BENNING PT 1 with Bluetooth (044150) for printing test records on site (optional accessories)
  • only in German and English language

Software BENNING PC-Win ST 750-760 (optional)

  • PC-Software for management, documentation and evaluation of test results
  • import and export function via MS Excel®
  • free software updates per download
  • only in German and English language

product presentation Benning ST755 + ST760


PRCD testing with Benning ST755 + ST760





5,7" capacitive color touchscreen

protective conductor resistance (RPE)

0.1 Ω - 30 Ω (> 200 mA + 10 A test current)

insulation resistance (Rinsu)

0.1 MΩ – 100 MΩ (50 V - 1000 V test voltage)

protective conductor current (IPE)

0.05 mA - 25 mA (differential, direct, alternative)

contact current (Icont)

0.05 mA - 25 mA (differential, direct, alternative)

testing of electrical appliances


testing of PRCD types


testing of medical electrical devices


testing of welding equipment



1 V - 360 V/0.1 A - 16 A

effective power/apparent power

20 W - 4000 W


WLAN, Bluetooth®, 4 x USB, Mini-USB, RJ45


405 x 330 x 165 mm/ca. 5 kg

Item no.


ST 755
/ ST 760 Bedienungsanleitung




Technical changes, model or color modifications, mistakes and delivery facilities without notice! No responsibility for literal mistakes.


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