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Loaner: Benning PV 1-1 (050421)

Loaner: Benning PV 1-1 (050421)

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 119,00 EUR Netto* 100 EUR
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Photovoltaic Installation Tester BENNING PV 1-1

  • testing in compliance with DIN EN 62446 (VDE 0126-23)
  • easy – operation by means of keys
  • quick – testing within seconds
  • safe – safe measurement connection, even if the photovoltaic system is delivering energy

Before commissioning and for periodic inspections, a photovoltaic system must be tested and documented with regard to its perfectly safe technical condition in compliance with DIN EN 62446 (VDE 0126-23). Moreover, electrical measurements are also useful after cleaning and maintenance work in order to continue to ensure an optimum and low-loss functioning of the PV system.
The test includes continuity testing of earth connections, measurement of the open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current as well as insulating resistance measurement between active conductors (+/-) and earth. The BENNING PV 1-1 is provided with contact-protected PV measuring leads for direct connection to all PV modules/ strings by means of standardized PV connectors. The automatic testing procedure gives a warning in case of wrong DC polarity and automatically performs all necessary steps for a safe measurement.
The BENNING PV 1-1 allows to carry out the entire test safely, reliably, easily and quickly. The BENNING PV 1-1 is recommended for daily use by service, cleaning and maintenance teams as well as for solar panel installers and authorized experts for photovoltaics.


  • clear and unambiguous display of all measurement results
  • safe measurement connection, even if the photovoltaic system is delivering energy
  • automatic testing procedure (open-circuit voltage 1000 V DC, short-circuit current 15 A DC, insulating resistance)
  • automatic display of voltage polarity with audio/ visual warning for reverse polarity
  • null balance of the measuring leads
  • measured values memory for 200 display indicatons for (automatic) string-string comparison incl. warning in the event of short circuit current and open circuit voltage deviations > 5 %, download of measuring results occurs by means of USB interface
  • the BENNING PV 1-1 is equipped with an integrated real-time clock which automatically adds a date / time stamp to each storage process or storage location
  • Radio connection to the optional insolation and temperature measuring instrument BENNING SUN 2
  • download software for the preparation of test certificates in MS Excel
  • ISO measuring result with “pass / fail” information
  • direct connection to all photovoltaic modules with MC4 or „Sunclix“ connectors
  • easy operation for network-independently and mobile testing
  • LC display with background lighting
  • automatic switch off after 60 seconds
  • the testing can be based on photovoltaic modules or the complete photovoltaic system

Measuring functions

  • protective earth conductor resistance measurement with test current of 200 mA
  • open-circuit voltage measurement of the solar modules or PV strings up to 1,000 VDC
  • short-circuit current measurement via an internal circuit up to 15 ADC without any danger for the user
  • insulation resistance measurement between the active DC conductors (+ / -) and earth with adjustable testing voltage of 250 V, 500 V, 1,000 VDC)
  • functional test via current measurement up to 40 A AC / DC (by means of current clamp adapter BENNING CC 3, item no. 044038)
  • the BENNING PV 1-1 is able to receive the measured values (insolation, PV module / ambient temperature and date / time stamp) of the insolation and temperature measuring instrument BENNING SUN 2 (optional, item no. 050420) via radio connection.

Distinct symbols - easy operation

Four steps towards easy and safe PV testing:

  1. disconnect the PV module from the inverter
  2. connect the PV module to the BENNING PV 1-1 by means of standardized connectors
  3. press the „AUTO“ key and follow the measurements on the LC display
  4. press the „STORE“ key to store the entire display indication

Proof of performance and efficiency

The current of each individual PV string can be measured by means of the BENNING CC 3 current clamp adapter and can be compared with the values to be expected.
Measuring the string current before and after the cleaning of solar panels by a specialized company can involve considerable improvements and thus a demonstrably higher efficiency of the PV system.
Alternatively, this measurement also can be made by means of a current clamp with direct current (DC) measurement. We recommend the digital current clamps BENNING CM 2 (current measurement up to 300 AAC/DC, item no. 044035) or BENNING CM 5-1 (current measurement up to 600 AAC/DC, item no. 044066).






graphic display

protective conductor

0.05 Ω - 199 Ω

testing current

± 200 mADC

open circuit voltage

5 V - 1000 VDC

short-circuit current

0.5 A - 14.99 ADC

insulation resistance

0.2 MΩ - 199 MΩ

testing voltage

250 V, 500 V, 1000 VDC

load current

0.1 A - 40 AAC/DC (by means of clamp)

measured value memory

200 data record



scope of delivery

carrying case, measuring leads, crocodile clips, MC4 measuring leads , sunclix measuring leads, batteries, CD-ROM with download software, calibration certificate

item no.


PV 1-1


Technical changes, model or color modifications, mistakes and delivery facilities without notice! No responsibility for literal mistakes.


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