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Benning EV 3-2 Measuring adapter for EVSE charging stations (044169)
Benning EV 3-2 Measuring adapter for EVSE charging stations (044169) Benning EV 3-2 Measuring adapter for EVSE charging stations (044169)

Benning EV 3-2 Measuring adapter for EVSE charging stations (044169)

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Measuring adapter with plug type 2 for simulating charging states and testing the effectiveness of protective measures at 1- and 3-phase e-charging stations.

BENNING EV 3-2 is a measuring adapter especially for testing e-charging stations in combination with a suitable installation tester.


  • Test socket and 4 mm sockets for easy connection to an installation tester

  • Separate phase indication by three LEDs for easy voltage checking

  • Proximity Pilot (PP) checks the coding of the charging cables for charging current limitation

  • Control Pilot (CP) simulates vehicle status A, B,C, D and E (short circuit between CP-PE)

  • BNC connection for CP signal output for checking with an oscilloscope

  • Check of the EVSE interlock system from status B (release of the charging cable is blocked)


The measuring adapter BENNING EV 3-2 allows to perform safety and functional tests on certain charging stations for electric vehicles according to DIN VDE 0100-600 (IEC 60364-6) and DIN VDE 0105-100 (EN 50110) with the installation tester BENNING IT 130.
BENNING EV 3-2 is designed for testing charging stations according to DIN EN / IEC 61851-1 (VDE 0122-1) of the charging mode "Mode 3" and has a type 2 connector according to IEC / EN 62196.
BENNING EV 3-2 establishes the safe contact to the BENNING installation tester and triggers the charging process of the charging station by simulating an electric vehicle.

Performance features:

  • Display of phase voltages via LEDs
  • Testing of e-charging stations even with permanently connected charging cable

Vehicle simulation (CP):

The coding for charging cables is simulated by a rotary selector switch.

  • No cable: ∞ Ω
  • 13 A cable: 1500 Ω
  • 20 A cable: 680 Ω
  • 32 A cable: 220 Ω
  • 64 A cable: 100 Ω




Input voltage

1-phasig: bis 250 V, 50 Hz - 60 Hz
3-phasig: bis 430 V, 50 Hz - 60 Hz

Maximum test current

40 A (10 ms) periodic operation

Protection class

II double insulation

Protection class

IP 40

Overvoltage category

CAT II 300 V

BNC socket, resistor

BNC housing -> PE: 100 kΩ
BNC contact -> PE: 100 kΩ

BNC amplitude error

- 2 %

Operating temperature

0 - 40° C

Standard compliant according to

IEC / DIN EN 61010-1 (VDE 0411-1)
IEC / DIN EN 61010-2-030 (VDE 0411-2-030)
IEC / DIN EN 61010-031 (VDE 0411-031)

Scope of delivery

Measuring adapter, protective bag

Item no.


EV 3-2


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