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Benning IT 130 (044103)
Benning IT 130 (044103) Benning IT 130 (044103) Benning IT 130 (044103) Benning IT 130 (044103)

Benning IT 130 (044103)

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 1406,00 EUR Netto* 1181,51 EUR
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Multifunction Installation Tester for Safety Testing on Electrical Installations

  • testing according to IEC 60364-6 and EN 50110
  • testing RCDs of types B / B+ (universal) and types AC, A, F (mixed frequencies)
  • even more easier, efficient and safer tests


  • NEW: bidirectional interfaces (USB / RS 232)
  • NEW: measured value memory covering four levels (object / block / fuse / measuring point)
  • NEW: upload of installation structures and download of measured values
  • NEW: integrated real-time clock (measured value with date/ time)
  • NEW: unambiguous "PASS" / "FAIL" indication by means of green / red LED on the tester and on the switchable "Commander" probe tip
  • NEW: "Commander" probe tip with "TEST" and "MEM" key as well as bright LED measuring point illumination
  • all measuring functions can be selected directly by means of a rotary switch
  • memory of measured values for 1800 measurements
  • graphic display with background lighting, help function with connecting diagram
  • power supply by means of six NiMH storage batteries (AA)
  • device with integrated storage battery charging function

Measuring functions:

  • low-impedance resistance of protective conductor and equipotential bonding conductor connections (testing current: 200 mA with polarity reversal)
  • insulating resistance with testing voltages of 50 / 100 / 250 / 500 / 1000 V
  • line impedance (L-N / L) with voltage drop and short-circuit current
  • loop impedance (L-PE) without RCD tripping and short-circuit current
  • testing of RCDs, standard and delayed (S), types AC, A, F, B, B+ with AUTO test, contact voltage, tripping time and tripping current (ramp test)
  • TRUE RMS voltage, frequency and phase sequence test
  • single-fault leakage current in IT networks

Measuring functions by means of optional accessories:

  • earthing measurement by means of three-wire measuring method by means of earthing kit
  • TRUE RMS current by means of current clamps BENNING CC 1 / BENNING CC 3
  • luminous intensity by means of BENNING luxmeter type B

BENNING PC-Win IT 130 logging software:

  • NEW: creation and transmission (upload) of installation structures to the BENNING IT 130 for efficient periodic testing
  • download of measured values and logging by means of test reports and ZVEH test certificates

Industrial environments requires TRUE RMS measuring instruments!

Non-linear loads arising e.g. from motor drives with adjustable speed, frequency converters or mains supply units for office equipment and LED lamps generate a reactive power in the mains. As a result, multimeters and current clamps working with the so-called averaging measuring method ("RMS") will display the measured values with reduced accuracy.

In many cases and particularly in industrial environments, it is therefore absolutely necessary to use state-of-the-art "TRUE RMS" measuring instruments. The "TRUE RMS" measuring method indicates the actual effective value of an alternating current correctly – irrespective of whether the signal waveform of the current is sinusoidal or distorted.





graphic display (illuminated)

low-impedance resistance

0.01 Ω - 2 kΩ

insulation resistance

10 kΩ – 1000 MΩ

line impedance (L-N / L)

0.01 Ω – 10 kΩ

loop impedance (L-PE)

0.01 Ω – 10 kΩ

short-circuit current

0.01 Ω – 200 kA

RCD testing of types
AC / A / F and B / B+

tripping time, tripping current (ramp),
contact voltage, automatic testing (AUTO)

rotary field


voltage (TRUE RMS), frequency

1 V – 550 V, 0 Hz – 500 Hz

earth resistance

0.01 Ω – 2000 Ω (by means of earthing set)

current (TRUE RMS)

0.1 mA – 400 A (by means of clamp)

luminous intensity

0.01 lux – 20 klux (by means of sensor)

measured value memory

up to 1800 measuring results

interfaces (bidirectional)

USB, RS 232

incl. software


item no.


IT 130


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