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Benning PV 3 Photovoltaic Tester (050428)
Benning PV 3 Photovoltaic Tester (050428)

Benning PV 3 Photovoltaic Tester (050428)

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 3303,56 EUR Netto* 2847,9 EUR
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Testing of solar parks, power plants and large installations with 1500 V technology

Within the framework of commissioning tests and periodic inspection of grid-connected photovoltaic systems in compliance with DIN EN 62446 (VDE 0126-23), polarity tests as well as open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current measurements of PV strings connected in parallel can be carried out, stored and documented safely and efficiently up to 1500 V/40 A.

With radio connection to the optional BENNING SUN 2 (item no. 050420), the existing radiation conditions (W/m²) as well as the PV module temperature and ambient temperature (°C) are automatically stored for each test procedure.

  • open-circuit voltage at the PV module, PV string and PV field with up to 1500 V DC
  • powerful short-circuit current measurement of PV strings connected in parallel up to 40 A
  • wireless connection to insolation and temperature measuring instrument BENNING SUN 2
  • memory of measured values for 999 PV string tests


  • automatic test procedure (+/-, Vo/c, Is/c, W/m2, °C) with reverse polarity protection
  • powerful short-circuit current measurement, reserve is up to 4 x larger than for conventional PV testers with 10 A limitation
  • reduced testing times and effort for disassembly, as the individual PV strings no longer have to be separated and tested one after the other
  • reduces the risk of failure due to overload during testing of PV strings of unknown power
  • integrated memory of measured values for 999 PV string/ PV fields
  • real-time clock with date/time stamp per measurement
  • USB interface and download software (CSV format)
  • large LC display with illumination
  • optimum transport and storage protection (IP 64)

Measuring functions:

  • polarity test of the PV generator/ PV cabling
  • open-circuit voltage measurement for modern 1500 V DC systems
  • short-circuit current measurement at PV strings up to 40 A DC
  • insolation measurement (W/m2) and PV module temperature and ambient temperature (°C) by means of BENNING SUN 2 (optional, item no. 050420)





graphic display (illuminated)

Polarity test


Open-circuit voltage (Uo/c)

5.0 V - 1500 V


max. 0.1 V/ ± (0.5 % + 2 digits)

Short-circuit current (Is/c)

0.5 A - 40 A (max. 45 kW)


0.01 A/ ± (1 % + 2 digits)

With wireless connection BENNING SUN 2


● Insolation

100 W/m² - 1250 W/m²

● PV module/ambient temperature

-30 °C - 125 °C

Measured value memory

999 display indications/PV strings


USB type B

PC software/data format

BENNING Solar Datalogger/CSV

Wireless connection BENNING SUN 2

433 MHz


340 x 300 x 152 mm/5.0 kg

Protection class

IP 40 (open), IP 64 (closed)

Scope of delivery

PV tester in robust protective case (IP 64), set of PV measuring leads (MC4), set of measuring leads with probe tip and alligator clips, charger with 3 pieces 3.7 V lithium-ion batteries and calibration certificate



PV 3
Bedienungsanleitung DE/EN


Benning Katalog


PV 3


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